Capiscolle Capsaicin Cream 50g tube


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A single application of Capsicolle Capsiacin Cream provides up to 8 hours powerful pill-free relief.

Capsaicin is one of the most widely studied pain-relieving substances found in nature and is among the traditional components of Native American healing as well as being widely used in modern medicine. Together with other plant extracts such as menthol and camphor, capsaicin forms the core active ingredient Capsicolle products.

Capsaicin’s properties mean that it is commonly used to treat nerve pain and other conditions involving joints and muscles. It works within the applied area to support blood circulation and create a feeling of deep heat whilst also interacting with your near-skin neurotransmitters to reduce pain and inflammation.

In limited studies, Capsaicin has been documented to help with muscle overload, sprains and inflammation, lower back pain and Sciatica, and Arthritis inc. Rheumatism and Osteoarthritis.

Where required, consult your doctor or pharmacist before use.


When handling the cream, do not touch sensitive skin or membranes such as the eyes.

This cream is powerful. Start small and work your way up to larger amounts if needed.

After a few weeks of use most people find that their skin has become used to the heat sensation and are able to apply the cream more liberally without discomfort.

After 12 weeks of use, most people become fully accustomed to the cream, feeling a reduced heat sensation but still receiving 100% of the relief benefits.

Applying Capsaicin Cream

Apply a small amount of cream (pea size) to the affected area and massage gently into the skin

Wait 30 minutes

You can increase the dose as needed but adding more straightaway will not speed up the warming process

Do not apply to the same place multiple times in a row

After handling the cream, wash your hands thoroughly with soap

The cream will start to heat itself up

Warming will be faster and more effective the more your skin’s pores are open (opened by activity or sweating)

If you apply too much, wash the area with water and soap

Be sure to read the Important Information & Warnings before use


Follow dosage instructions carefully – USING TOO MUCH MAY CAUSE DISCOMFORT.
Do not use on damaged, diseased, or injured skin.
Do not use on skin which cannot sense heat or cold sensations.
Do not use if you are allergic to Capsaicin or other components of the product.
In rare cases, it is possible to have an allergic reaction, causing skin irritation, itching or a rash. If this happens stop using the cream immediately and if required, seek medical attention.
The cream lasts for 8 hours – do not use the cream during or within 1 hour of taking a bath.
The cream must not come into contact with mucus membranes, especially the eyes. Wash your hands after manipulating the cream with soap and water.
Do not repeatedly reapply cream to the same area in a row. It will not speed up the warming process.
If you apply too much cream, wash the area with water and soap.
Do not apply to the cream to any person incapable of communicating their comfort level.
Pregnant and lactating women should consult a doctor or pharmacist for use.
Persons who have medical conditions, are on medication or may be pregnant may be more susceptible to burns or reactions and should seek medical advice prior to use. Adults and children 12+ only, keep out of reach of children and pets. Packaging not child proof.
Capsicolle topical capsaicin cream is a fully notified product under Other Skincare Products (cosmetic).

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