Private Blood Pressure Checks

In 2019, there were 28% of adults with hypertension in the UK. High blood pressure is a common medical condition that usually affects older adults.

This is why it is important to control your blood pressure by regular monitoring. You can do that by opting for private checks at Vitaltone Pharmacy.

Let’s dive into our private blood pressure check service to help you understand better.

What To Expect In Our Private Blood Pressure Check

If you believe you're at risk of developing hypertension due to an unhealthy lifestyle, family medical history, or other reasons you may visit our pharmacy as a walk-in.

You can request our on-site pharmacist for a private blood pressure check service. They will guide you to our consultation room where the monitoring equipment will be present.

After monitoring your pressure, they may offer you advice on how to reduce the blood pressure to normal if it's high. They may also recommend you to visit a general practitioner if the reading is in a dangerous range.

Benefits Of Our Private Blood Pressure Checks

Your blood pressure may have been high consistently for the past few weeks. However, you may not have realised that until now. A private checkup can help you get an early diagnosis to control your blood pressure before it develops into severe hypertension.

Vitaltone Pharmacy offers you easy access to blood pressure monitoring through high-quality equipment and expert pharmacists. You will not have to travel far to a hospital or clinic for a simple blood pressure checkup.

Our private blood pressure checkup is not just about taking a reading. You will receive proper guidance about hypertension from our expert pharmacist.

They will tell you whether your reading is in the normal range or pre-hypertensive range. Our expert will also guide you on how you can manage your lifestyle to control your blood pressure.

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If you want to opt for our private blood pressure checkup, you can visit our location at any time. You can also contact us beforehand by calling us on 01883 345500.