Phlebotomy/Blood Testing

You must take care of your health to ensure you can enjoy your life completely. That is where regular blood testing or phlebotomy may come into play.

For example, you may be an undiagnosed anaemic. A blood test can confirm this deficiency and prevent you from developing complications due to anaemia.

The good news is you don’t have to look far for blood testing or phlebotomy services. We offer these services at our UK pharmacy.

What Is Phlebotomy?

Phlebotomy is a process in which an expert medical professional inserts a needle into one of your veins. The process is commonly done to take blood samples for a complete blood count test.

Then, the sample is sent to a reliable laboratory for examination and results.

How Does Our Phlebotomy/Blood Testing Service Work?

You can connect with us online or by phone us to book an appointment for phlebotomy. At your desired date and time, you can visit our Vitaltone Pharmacy in Caterham, Surrey.

An expert pharmacist will draw a blood sample and send it to a high-quality laboratory for testing. Once the results are here, you can visit our pharmacy to pick them up.

During the pick-up, our pharmacist will also have a consultation with you to explain the results. They may also advise you to visit a doctor for treatment or prescription, depending on the results.

Benefits Of Our Private Blood Testing Service

Our blood testing service offers competitive rates in the UK. You will pay a fraction of what you would give at a large private hospital. This means you can save money by choosing us for your phlebotomy.

Vitaltone Pharmacy offers fast laboratory results within a day for simple blood tests. This means you don't have to wait much or stay stressed about a health condition. With prompt results, you can receive fast treatment easily.

We offer high convenience to our customers by allowing them to choose a time and date they prefer for the test. This can help you avoid waiting for long at the pharmacy to give a blood sample.

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