Pharmacy First

Developing a health condition can be distressing for many people, especially if the condition affects quality of life. You may also be suffering from a common minor illness such as sore throat or sinusitis.

If so, you can get advice on your condition from a pharmacist through the Pharmacy First service in the UK. The programme can help you save time because you will not need to visit a general practitioner (GP).

Below is everything you must know about our Pharmacy First service.

Pharmacy First Explained

The Pharmacy First service has been designed for people to receive advice and treatment for common illnesses that don’t require a consultation from a GP.

You can consult a pharmacist at Vitaltone Pharmacy for the following eight illnesses if you meet the criteria:

If you don't meet the age criteria but have one of the conditions you can still receive advice from our pharmacist. However, you will still have to visit a GP for proper treatment.

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Pharmacy Services


How Does Our Pharmacy First Service Work?

If you have any of the earlier eight conditions and meet the age criteria, you can walk into our pharmacy anytime to consult our pharmacist. They will take you to a separate for a consultation.

The expert may also examine you or access your medical records to make a diagnosis. After that, they may prescribe you medication for the condition.

If the health condition is severe enough, our pharmacist may recommend you to visit your GP for a thorough checkup.

Payment For The Prescription

If our pharmacist prescribes you specific medications, you will have to pay the supply fee. However, if you have been exempt from prescription charges through the NHS, you may not have to pay for the medication.

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