NHS Blood Pressure Checks

Hypertension is a common condition that affects many people due to their family history or other risk factor. It refers to having high blood pressure consistently at different times and occasions.

Checking your blood pressure regularly is important if you’re at risk of developing hypertension. It is also necessary if you have a prior history of a stroke or another serious cardiovascular medical condition.

The good news is you can easily get your blood pressure checked in the UK through NHS pharmacy services. Here is what you need to know about it.

Are You At Risk Of Developing Hypertension?

A person may develop hypertension in their adult life if their parents have a medical history of high blood pressure or cardiac diseases. You may also be at risk of developing this condition due to your lifestyle.

For example, obesity is one of the common risk factors for hypertension. A diet of high-cholesterol food intake can also lead to blood pressure issues.

You may also smoke often, which can affect your blood circulation and cause you to suffer from hypertension.

Eligibility Criteria Of Our NHS Blood Pressure Checks

If you meet the following criteria, you can enjoy free NHS blood pressure checks at our pharmacy:

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What To Expect During Our NHS Blood Pressure Check Appointments

You will have to visit our pharmacy in the Caterham to get your blood pressure checked by our expert pharmacists. They first assess you to ensure you meet the eligibility criteria.

Once your eligibility is confirmed, our expert will explain the process before getting started. They will tie a belt around your arm and then use the blood pressure to get the readings.

If your blood pressure is higher than the normal average of 120/80mmHg, they will advise you for 24-hour monitoring. So visit us now if you think you’re at risk of developing hypertension.