Flu Vaccination

One of the most common seasonal viruses in the UK is influenza. People can get the flu at any time of the year, however, the occurrence is most in autumn and cold winter months.

This is why it is common advice for UK residents to get a flu vaccination in the early winter months such as September. If you're thinking of getting the flu jab, we can help you.

Let’s talk about our flu vaccination service in detail.

What Is Flu Vaccination?

Vitaltone Pharmacy offers flu vaccination in Caterham, Surrey as one of its NHS services. You will receive a vaccination shot that can reduce the occurrence of getting the flu.

Many people consider getting the flu to be minor, but this respiratory virus can take a worse turn quickly. This means you develop opportunistic infections such as pneumonia because of the flu.

This is why it is important to get vaccinated for the flu to avoid getting affected by this virus seriously.

When Should You Opt For Our Flu Vaccination Service

The flu season mainly starts during early winter and lasts until March in the UK. You can opt for our vaccination service throughout the year, but it is best to get vaccinated just before the beginning of colder months.

Opting for the flu vaccination is also a great idea if you have experienced flu symptoms in the past colder months such as:

Getting vaccinated for the flu can reduce the chances of developing the service. However, if you do get the virus, the vaccine will ensure your symptoms are mild instead of severe.

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How To Get Our Flu Vaccination Service

Simply get in touch with one of the Vitaltone Pharmacy team to arrange a flu vaccination appointment. You can call us on 01883 345500, email [email protected] or pop into our pharmacy in Caterham.

Our friendly pharmacists will guide you through the process and get you vaccinated in no time.