Private Flu Vaccinations

Vitaltone Pharmacy offers private flu vaccinations, which you can arrange by calling us on 01883 345500.

Why Get Private Flu Vaccination?

Let’s look at the top reasons you should opt for flu vaccination:

A private flu vaccination will allow you to protect yourself from getting the flu in most cases. This is especially true if you get the vaccine just before the flu season. The vaccine will enhance your immune system to fight against the virus when it tries to attack you.

Remember flu vaccination is not a cure for the virus due to various strains. This means you may get the flu even after the vaccination.

However, your symptoms will not be as severe as those of non-vaccinated people. A vaccine strengthens your immune system and ensures your body can fight against the virus.

The worst thing about the influenza virus is that it is easily spreadable. So you may infect your friends or family members even if you're asymptomatic.

Getting vaccinated will prevent the virus from spreading, ensuring you don’t infect your family members.

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How To Get Private Flu Vaccination?

We offer private flu vaccination services at our pharmacy in Surrey. You can come as a walk-in at any time of the year to receive the vaccine shot.

However, it is best to visit us before the colder months. For example, September is an ideal time to get the flu vaccination.

Our expert pharmacist will offer you a consultation about the vaccine and its benefits. Then they will give you the shot in a clean examination room.

Typically, the vaccine takes 14 days to be effective properly. If you want to prepare ahead of the flu season, you may also book an appointment by calling us.