Emergency Supply

Many people in the UK take medications regularly due to diagnosed health conditions. You may also be having a prescription for a long-term disease or a recent medical condition.

However, your medication may have finished unexpectedly. You may have forgotten to get your prescription refill or may have lost your medication bottle.

This is why you may be wondering about emergency supplies. If so, let's take you through it.

Our Emergency Supply Service

An emergency supply service allows you to get a previously prescribed medication urgently. You can receive a supply of up to 30 days through our service.

The main purpose of emergency supply in the UK is to cover individuals when they run out of medicine spontaneously. For example, your local pharmacy may be closed, but you must take the medicine strictly on time.

You may also be visiting another region in your city for a few days and run out of supply. Whatever the case, Vitaltone Pharmacy can help you.

How Our Emergency Supply Service Works

Remember this is a paid NHS service, so you will have to pay for the emergency supply prescription.

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Emergency Supply Without A Prescription

A new prescription is not always necessary to get an emergency supply of medication. You may be able to a medication if you have its packaging or your old prescription’s copy.

If you don’t have both, you can contact us to check if there’s a solution to your problem.

Connect With Us Now

If you’re medication has run out in the UK, you may contact us or visit us for an emergency supply if you meet the criteria to get the medication.