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HYCOSAN® FRESH 0.03 % sodium hyaluronate
To improve the lubrication of the eye surface in irritated or mild dry eyes.
Preservative Free sterile eye drops with 6 months sterility from time of opening and compatible with contact lens use.

HYCOSAN ® FRESH is a sterile, phosphate-free and preservative-free solution for ocular use.

1 ml HYCOSAN® FRESH contains 0.3 mg sodium hyaluronate, Euphrasia-original mother tincture, boric acid, borax and water for injections.

What is HYCOSAN® FRESH used for?
HYCOSAN ® FRESH is a lubricating eye drop for irritated or mild dry eye.

When should HYCOSAN® FRESH be used?
HYCOSAN ® FRESH is used as a lubricating eye drop for irritated or mild dry eye. Irritated and dry eyes can result from
environmental factors such as intensive or prolonged computer-based activity, dry climate, draught, air pollution caused
by dust or pollen or wearing contact lenses. HYCOSAN® FRESH contains the sodium salt of hyaluronic acid, a natural
substance found in many organs of the human body including the eye. Its special property is that it forms a regular,
stable, long lasting, lubricating and moisturising film on the eye surface that is not easily rinsed off. These bioadhesive
properties ensure that the cornea and conjunctiva are protected, and together with the physiological tears, the eye lid
slides over the surface of the eye. For hundreds of years, preparations of Euphrasia officinalis have been traditionally used
for the treatment of conjunctival irritation with red and burning eyes, increased secretion of tears as well as swelling and
redness of the eyelids or eyelid margins.

HYCOSAN ® FRESH is used for relieving irritated or dry eyes even when wearing hard or soft contact lenses.
Being preservative-free, HYCOSAN® FRESH is very well tolerated. Additionally, HYCOSAN® FRESH is phosphate-free, so thatpossible complications due to the formation of insoluble deposits in the cornea are avoided.

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